The Tippet Bro Holder


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The Tippet Bro holder, the perfect solution for holding multiple leader lines while on the go. This compact and versatile tippet holder is designed to hold multiple leader lines, making it easy to switch out your tippet as needed.

Instructions: Undo the bottom knot of your Tippet Bro and slide the cord lock off. Put the loose ends into the middle of your leaders and put the cord lock back on. Tie a loose knot with ends for extra security.

See the "how to" video on Instagram: @TheRoeBro

5% of the sale price will be donated to the OFAH to support the Community Hatchery Program. Proceeds are earmarked for Steelhead & Salmon hatchery efforts here in Ontario - sustainable angling is our M.O. Learn more here.

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