1. Question: Why is there no sales tax at checkout?

Answer: The CRA states that any small business with less than $30K CAD in sales does not need an HST number. Once we meet that milestone, we will charge sales tax accordingly and in line with CRA requirements.

2. Question: How does the OFAH receive funds that I contributed from purchasing through RKP Outdoors?

Answer: In our partnership with the OFAH, we have a quarterly process where our sales data is reconciled to ensure all donation amounts are accurate. Once both parties are in agreeance, we wire funds to the OFAH which they then earmark for the Community Hatchery Program tailored towards Salmon & Steelhead stocking efforts. Each customer will also receive an enclosure inside all orders that denotes how much of their order is being donated to local hatcheries.

3. Question: How are products shipped?

Answer: All orders are shipped via Canada Post.

4. Question: Can customers that live in other provinces outside of Ontario make purchases on the website?

Answer: Yes, other provinces outside of Ontario can make online purchases but all hatchery proceeds from those specific transactions will go towards the OFAH.

5. Question: Can customers outside of Canada make purchases?

Answer: Yes, we ship all across Canada and the USA

6. Question: Is RKP Outdoors a not-for-profit organization?

Answer: No, RKP is a for-profit organization with the main focus of our business model being donation first, profit second. 

6. Question: If I live in the US will I get charged duty and taxes?

Answer: Yes, if you're a US based customer you will likely get charged duty and taxes separate from your order. We are a Canadian business and ship products cross border.