Float Fishing Bundle: Great Lakes Steelhead


The Float Fishing Bundle is a fantastic option for anglers looking to target steelhead in various rivers and water conditions. This bundle provides everything you need to get started or to stock up your fishing vest or pouch.
What it includes:
  • 2 Raven Tackle FM Balsa Wood Floats, 5.0g
  • 2 Raven Tackle FS Balsa Wood Floats, 3.8g
  • 1 Roe Bro Triple Bait Holder (Colors subject to change based on inventory)
  • 1 Drennan Fluorocarbon Leader, 5lbs
  • 1 Raven Tackle Tip Top Silicone Tubing, 1 Foot
  • 1 Raven Tackle Silicone Tubing for stem of float, 1 Foot
  • 1 Raven Tackle Super Soft Split Shot, AAA 0.75g
  • 1 Raven Tackle Super Soft Split Shot, BB 0.40g
  • 1 Raven Tackle Baby Pink Steelhead Worm, 3 1/2" 20/pack
  • 1 Raven Tackle Specialist Black Hooks, No.8 25/pack
  • 1 Raven Tackle Specialist Black Hooks, No.10 25/pack
  • 1 Raven Tackle Ultra Swivels, 4XS 25/pack
  • 1 Troutbeads Bead Peggz, Trans White 50/pack
  • 1 Troutbeads Chartreuse Beads, 8MM 40/pack
  • 1 Troutbeads Glow Row Beads, 10MM 30/pack
  • 1 Troutbeads Sun Orange Beads, 6MM 50/pack
  • 1 Troutbeads Peach Roe Beads, 6MM 50/pack
  • 1 Raven Tackle Float Fishing Guide, 32 page book
  • $5 Donation to local fish hatcheries 

5% of the sale price will be donated to the OFAH to support the Community Hatchery Program. Proceeds are earmarked for Steelhead & Salmon hatchery efforts here in Ontario - sustainable angling is our M.O. Learn more here.